Safety & Environment

As part of our two day boot camp, we have reserved time to cover PWI Equipment Safety with a hands on safety training as part of that course. We will instruct you on how to comply with all OSHA requirements.

The Clean Water Act is the primary federal law in the United States governing water pollution. [1] Commonly abbreviated as the CWA, the act established the symbolic goals of eliminating releases to water of high amounts of toxic substances, eliminating additional water pollution by 1985, and ensuring that surface waters would meet standards necessary for human sports and recreation by 1983.

The principal body of law currently in effect is based on the Federal Water Pollution Control Amendments of 1972, which significantly expanded and strengthened earlier legislation. [2] Major amendments were enacted in the Clean Water Act of 1977 enacted by the 95th United States Congress [3] and the Water Quality Act of 1987 enacted by the 100th United States Congress. [4]

  • EPA Site: This site takes you right to the source where you can research info on your specific region.